What is outplacement and how it can benefit your company and employees

Outplacement is a term used to describe a set of services and support provided to workers who are being disengaged from their positions in a company. The main objective of this type of service is to help these workers make a smooth transition into new job opportunities or prepare for a new career.

The dynamism of the market, more pronounced in the current climate, places people in less desirable situations and outplacement is a strategy that has been increasingly used by companies and can benefit both workers and organisations.

With PTC Recruitment you can count on an outplacement offer dedicated to companies that are looking to support their employees in the phase of disengagement to embrace a new professional challenge suited to their skills and motivations.

Benefits for companies

Improving Employer Branding
Helping an employee who has been laid off to relocate to another company is a practice often underestimated by some organisations. However, it is an initiative that adds great value to employer branding because, in addition to demonstrating that the organization cares about its employees at all stages of their journeys, it also preserves a healthy relationship with former employees, who may become valuable contacts on the job market in the future.

Preventing legal issues
By investing in an organized and humane dismissal process, it is possible to preserve a healthy relationship between employer and employee, and assist both parties in complying with current laws.

Promoting a healthy working environment
When an employee is dismissed, it is natural that other team members feel insecure and fear going through the same situation. However, by knowing that the dismissed employee received support and guidance during the process, this contributes to maintaining a positive organizational climate, avoiding negative impacts on the performance of other employees.

Benefits for employees

Opportunity to enhance resume
Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages for employees who receive outplacement assistance is the possibility to update and improve their CVs with the help of experienced professionals. This is because often, by doing so without guidance, the resume may not meet the companies’ expectations.

Fast and quality professional transition
This advantage is obvious. With the help of outplacement, the search for a new job tends to be faster and more efficient. During the process, the professional will receive guidance in all stages and will be able to focus on the vacancies that are really adequate to his/her needs and objectives.

Promotes increased confidence
Through proper guidance and training, it is natural that the professional gains more confidence in himself. This will be reflected in a more assertive performance during job interviews, group dynamics and even in the activities performed when hired.

Exploration of new opportunities
Outplacement also offers professionals the opportunity to consider new career paths. During the search for a new placement, consultants can present opportunities and roles that the professional would possibly not have discovered on their own. This broadens their perspectives and opens doors to innovative options.

PTC Recruitment ensures total accompaniment, from the initial moment of detachment until integration into the new project. During this process we will analyse motivations, evaluate competences and guide each professional in a personalised way, giving them the necessary tools to feel apt for new challenges and opportunities. Each interview will be rehearsed to the smallest detail, and duly prepared with all available information about the company and vacancy in question.

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