Truths that need to be told about engineering

Engineering is often seen as an area of study only for math geniuses, but this is far from the truth. Engineering is the science that unites creativity and logic to create solutions for an increasingly technological world.

This requires critical thinking, communication skills, commitment and hard work. In addition, engineers must also have a spirit of adaptation to rapid changes and know how to deal with different problems and challenges.

Last but not least, engineers need to learn how to work in a team, as they often work on group projects.

Engineering is a complex and multidisciplinary field.
Engineers often need to have knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, among other disciplines, in order to be able to develop efficient solutions to society’s challenges.

Engineering requires hard work and dedication
Engineering training is intense and requires a lot of effort and study time. Furthermore, an engineer’s job is often challenging and requires a lot of teamwork.

The responsibility is great
Engineers are responsible for designing, building and ensuring the safety of structures, equipment and systems that affect people’s lives. This requires a great deal of responsibility and commitment to quality and safety.

Engineering is an ever-evolving field.
Technology and society are always changing, and engineers need to stay up to date and adapt to these changes to remain relevant and efficient.

Engineering can be a financially rewarding field
While not the primary motivation for many engineers, the pay can be good and offer a stable and rewarding career.

Diversity is important in engineering
Diversity of gender, race, culture and perspective is crucial to the success of engineering as it brings new ideas and solutions to societal challenges.

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