Top 25 professions in 2024: Trends and opportunities in the labour market

The professional landscape is constantly changing, driven by technological advances and changes in the market. According to a recent LinkedIn report, the skills required of professionals have increased significantly, indicating the need for constant updating to keep up with the needs of the labour market.

Transformations driven by technology

Since 2015, the skills required by professionals have already changed by 25%, and the figure is predicted to reach 65% by 2030, according to LinkedIn data. The rapid advance of technology and the implementation of artificial intelligence have not only impacted existing jobs, but also created professions, redefining market dynamics.

The future of work in 2024

Based on the trends identified, LinkedIn has publicised the 25 professions that have experienced the greatest growth over the last five years in Brazil. This list not only serves as an indication for those considering a career transition, but also as a guideline for anyone wishing to actively prepare for the future demands of the market.

Fastest growing positions

  1. Privacy Analyst:
    Responsible for assessing risks related to sensitive data and developing procedures for their proper handling.
  2. Cybersecurity Analyst:
    In charge of preventing cyber threats, monitoring incidents and assessing vulnerabilities.
  3. Sales Executive:
    Puts sales strategies into practice, from identifying clients to closing deals.
  4. Business Development Representative (BDR):
    Prospects and cultivates relationships to generate qualified contacts and new business opportunities.
  5. Strategic Account Manager:
    Manages strategic client accounts, offering personalised service.
  6. Revenue Manager:
    Oversees revenue-generating processes, participating in the definition of planning and operations strategies.
  7. Process Safety Engineer:
    Analyses risks in industrial processes, leading projects to propose improvements and prevent accidents.
  8. Investment Advisor:
    Assists clients in making investment decisions, showing financial market product options.
  9. Data Analyst:
    Collects, cleans databases, analyses and provides materials to help other areas make assertive decisions.
  10. Traffic Manager:
    Plans the distribution of content and adverts in digital media, measuring campaign results.

Other Growing Professions

In addition to these, the report highlights 15 other professions on the rise, covering areas such as leadership, construction, psychology, technology and sustainability.

  1. Product manager leader
  2. Construction analyst
  3. Field specialist
  4. Commercial director
  5. Middle market manager
  6. Child psychologist
  7. Drone pilot
  8. Social media strategist
  9. Geological technician
  10. Occupational safety technician
  11. Safety engineer
  12. IT support analyst
  13. Reliability engineer
  14. Sustainability analyst
  15. Implementation analyst

The constant evolution of the labour market requires adaptation and the search for new skills, whether for a career transition or in active preparation for the future. If you’re thinking of investing in professional training or recruitment, talk to PTC Group.

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