Super Expert DNA

At PTC Group, we pride ourselves on having the most creative and daring minds in our team. In today’s fast-evolving market, our team’s technical expertise and sense of innovation empowers our customers in their success.
We move at the forefront of Engineering and Technology.

Super Expert PTC

A Winning DNA

Our team is the face of our company and the values we live by. We recognize the importance of exceptional talent, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail.

In addition to all the inherent talent, our team has a good dose of soft skills that make the work environment so pleasant and productive – the ideal context to fuel innovation and passion for what we do.

We value communication, collaboration, organization, resilience, creative thinking, and ethics. We also take happiness very seriously, because we believe that a happy team is the basis for success. For this reason, there is no lack of moments of relaxation, conviviality, and celebration in the day-to-day life of PTC Group.

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1# Simplicity and Agility

We simplify and solve problems in an intelligent, organised, agile and creative way. We value the humility to teach and learn on a daily basis, as well as the ability to test, make mistakes and correct quickly, always seeking to deliver incredible results for the business.

2# Belonging and Passion

We are passionate about our purpose and proud of our history and the team we are part of. We are continually raising standards of delivery and encouraging our teams to provide high quality, consistent and sustainable products, services, processes and results.
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3# Positive Energy

We embrace problems positively, always looking for solutions. We value a light and pleasant environment in which to work, even in adverse situations. We see the confrontation of different ideas as necessary for the development of people and the company. Our energy inspires and attracts talent.

4# Collaboration

The secret to success is collaboration! We believe in the power of teamwork and understand that exceptional results can only be achieved if everyone is aligned and committed to the same goal.
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5# Transformation

We expect and demand innovation and invention from our teams. We want to be great and impact the world. We have a thirst for knowledge, for change and we adapt quickly to different scenarios, trends and technologies. We shouldn’t wait for the future, we are the future!

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