The path to attracting and retaining talent: foolproof strategies

The search for talent is a constant challenge for managers and is crucial to the success of companies of all sizes. In this article, we’ll explore impactful strategies for attracting the best professionals and driving business success.

According to the Zendesk CX Trends 2023 survey, companies that prioritise the employee experience are 1.9 times more likely to exceed their financial targets when compared to those that do not.

The results of a Harvard Business Review survey also revealed that 80 per cent of employees leave their jobs due to a lack of recognition, career development and learning opportunities.

1. Competitive benefits beyond the conventional

Go beyond competitive salaries. Comprehensive health plans, wellness programmes and professional development opportunities are differentiating factors. New generations value an innovative environment, work-life balance and self-development.

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2. Building a powerful employer brand

A solid brand is a distinguishing factor. Investing in an organisational culture and values, benefits, career progression, work-life balance, and diversity and inclusion practices is crucial. Convey these elements cohesively, emphasising what makes the company exceptional.

3. Internal career development programmes

Preparing staff for internal leadership is a strategic investment. Internal career development programmes value and retain talent, optimising resources according to business needs and promoting sustained growth. Interested in investing in this area? We can help!

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4. Focus on the candidate experience

A positive experience during the selection process can be decisive. Simplify applications, provide quick feedback, keep candidates informed and offer an excellent interview experience. Interested in betting on this area? We can help!

5. Strategic participation in events

Participating in events and job fairs is an excellent way of identifying talent. Whether as an exhibitor or sponsor, publicise vacancies and meet candidates aligned with the company’s needs.

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6. Strategic allocation of employees

Allocating professionals according to their aptitudes increases engagement, productivity and favours retention. Communicate responsibilities clearly, encouraging continuous learning for constant improvement.

7. Recognition as a driver of motivation

Recognise achievements with positive feedback, advantages such as sponsored courses, bonuses or simple thanks. Recognition strengthens the feeling of being valued.

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8. Flexibility as a key to retention

Be flexible, opening up dialogue about employees’ needs. Flexibility is crucial to keeping talent satisfied and committed. They were hired for a reason and, if they are meeting expectations, you need to see what can be done to ensure that they continue to give their best during their working routine.

9. Valuing soft skills

On a company scale, various studies show that three out of four companies in Europe see their productivity and profitability jeopardised by a shortage of skills, which is why soft skills are essential for business success. Recognise and value skills such as creativity, originality, initiative, critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

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10. Employer branding as a differentiator

Promote happiness at work, create leisure spaces, facilitate communication and conduct interviews to understand employees’ needs. Investing in employer branding builds a positive image of the organisation.

With effective strategies and solid practices, companies can attract and retain the best professionals, building talented teams and driving long-term success. And we can help you with this whole process – talk to us!

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