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At PTC Group, we are proud to have the most creative and daring minds in our team. In today’s fast-changing markets, their technical expertise and innovativeness, empower our clients to stay successful. We move at the cutting edge of engineering and technology.

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A Winning DNA

Our team is the face of our company and the values we live by. We recognize the importance of exceptional talent, problem-solving skills and attention to detail. They unify our work culture, values and vision – driving PTC Group towards achieving its goal to be a world leader in engineering and innovation.

Creativity and technical expertise alone, don’t make a PTC Group Expert. We are made of team players who are responsible, adjustable and want to achieve success by working collaboratively. Transparency and trust helps to create an enjoyable and productive work environment, fueling innovation and passion among our people.

Find out the key traits of our people, that give PTC Group a winning advantage:

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1# Responsibility

In today’s world, it’s important to be daring and unique.

So we are. We are audacious without being reckless. We’re fearless while innovating keeping responsibility in quality, support and delivery deadlines.

2# Compromise

We are committed in being at the forefront of technological trends, adding value to our Engineering and IT solutions.

We are committed to helping our customers achieve their goals.

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Muscular Arm Drawing - Proactivity

3# Proactivity

At PTC Group we have a proactive approach in all we do.

We are dynamic, daring and motivated by the passion to do more and more.

4# Passion

Passion for work, passion for doing things together and passion for delivering quality results.

For a passionate team like us, nothing is impossible – everything is a challenge!

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5# Adaptability

Our team is flexible to work in diverse situations.

We quickly adapt to different business scenarios, trends and fast-evolving technologies – delivering only the best solutions to our clients.

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