About Us

Our global presence allow us to develop a close relationship with our clients and partners throughout all the stages of the project. We add value in our partnerships, to be able to perform to your challenges.

Established in Oliveira de Azeméis (Portugal) in 2006, today we have branches in Brazil, Mexico, France and USA, leading the way to our global growth.

A Story that Starts in… [2006]

…at one of the largest clusters of Engineering & Tooling globally – Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal.

We started as small family business and today we are a multinational company with a young and dynamic team, having 100+ professionals working around the world.

In 2008, we extended our operations in Saltillo, Mexico, supporting the plastic injection and casting industries. Next, our step was to target the fast-growing Brazilian market. Therefore, we opened another branch in Camacari, Brazil, in 2012.

It was in 2016 when we grew from PT Concept to PTC Group.

We continued our growth and in 2017 we entered the North American market by opening a branch in USA.

We kept looking forward, focused in expanding, so we opened our 4th branch in Paris, France in 2018.

Today, we have presence in 8+ countries, supporting global companies in engineering with innovation and embracing digital transformation.

Passion that Drives Us

We are passionate about Engineering with Innovation.

Recognized for our innovative and bespoke solutions, and by our close relationship with our clients and partners, we bring together expertise and know-how from different fields of engineering and IT, boosting the competitive edge of major companies worldwide.

It’s the experience, competence and dedication of our team of experts that allow us to answer to complex projects with trusted and audacious solutions. It’s the passion we bring to all we do that makes us the core strength to our and our partners’ success.


To be a global engineering reference in the areas of technology, mobility and energy.


Focused in the future, we are driven by innovation in the search of excellence of our solutions. For us, every day is a fresh beginning for new challenges, new opportunities and new conquers.


We are PASSION with RESPONSIBILITY, honesty and ADAPTABILITY. We cherish our talents using our energy with COMMITMENT, inspiring people around us in the PROACTIVITY for innovation.

Tiago Monteiro - PTC Group CEO

“The Starting Point for Any Conquer Is Desire”

Believing in ourselves is the most important thing to keep in mind so we can achieve our dreams. Don’t settle with what you got so far, we can always go further.

Failure is part of the quest for success, but we can never lose focus. As a friend of mine says “the more I work, the luckier I seem to be.” In a company there are two types of people: those who sell and those who help to sell, so all members have the same importance and value, as we will only be able to achieve our goals united and working as a team.

I would like to thank all collaborators, suppliers, partners and clients that make and made part of PTC Group’s history, because each one of you were essential in this journey.