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Empowering Organizations through Tailored Training

We understand that training needs change between people and companies, and that’s where customized training plays a crucial role. This type of more specific training can result in better efficiency and in your team closing gaps. In this scenario, the key to achieving extraordinary results in your company could be tailor-made training, aligned with individual goals and your company’s unique needs.

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How Product Design Can Reduce Costs

Product design is much more than just an aesthetic or functional issue. In fact, it plays a central role in a company’s operational efficiency and profit. Well thought-out design not only creates visually appealing products, but also optimizes manufacturing processes, minimizes resource waste and contributes to customer satisfaction.

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The vital role of recruitment consultants

These days, competition for top talent is more intense than ever. As companies in various sectors seek qualified professionals to drive their innovation and growth, effective recruitment becomes a strategic priority.

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How Outsourcing can help reduce costs

In today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environments, finding ways to optimise resources and reduce costs is essential for long-term success. One strategy that has stood out as an effective solution is outsourcing, an approach whereby companies transfer responsibility for certain activities to specialised external partners. By doing so, companies can focus on their core competences, while reaping the tangible benefits of significantly reduced operational costs.

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PTC Group organizes event on Industry 4.0 in Aveiro

PTC Group organizes event on Industry 40 in Aveiro

PTC Group recently announced that it is organizing an Industry 4.0 event, on the 17th of May, at the Aveiro Business Center, in Aveiro. The event will bring together industry experts and professionals to discuss emerging trends in Industry 4.0 and the impact they will have on businesses and the wider economy.

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Tiago Monteiro highlighted in the tops of Portugal


In the month in which the PTC Group celebrated its 16th anniversary, CEO Tiago Monteiro was featured in the top leaders in Portugal. In addition to being in the top 30 in the Social CEO Award, which distinguished the most digital CEOs on all online platforms, it was also in the top 100 in the ranking of business leaders with the most reputation in 2022, in Portugal.

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