Industry 4.0

To respond to the needs generated by the fourth industrial revolution, PTC Group has structured a methodology whose purpose is to support companies to make the digital and industrial transition, standing out in this process in relation to the competition.

What We Do

Maturity Analysis

We start from one of the points where most companies have problems: What is the current maturity?

Many projects failed because companies did not understand their current situation and ended up overestimating their technological, manufacturing, organizational and systemic maturity. PTC Group seeks to bring clarity to this process, to understand the real moment, allocating efforts in the right place, to bring results.

This maturity analysis not only brings us the clarity of the current moment, but also allows us to plan future steps, with a clear path and predictable results.

Education & Training

The education and training of teams is another very important point.

From training leaders to managing processes and designing corporate strategies to disseminating knowledge of enabling technologies. With tailor-made training, PTC Group supports the development of the company, with a view to developing the skills of the professional of the future.

Culture Management

All digital and industrial transformation needs to be supported by a process that places people at the heart of change.

To this end, PTC Group develops culture management processes to ensure the alignment of beliefs and behaviours, thus solidifying the desired culture. Culture is established as the basis of the strategy of this process.

Digital Platforms

As we are talking about a process based on data and technology, we rely on digital platforms that carry out the operation. At this stage, PTC Group guides companies in selecting their digital architecture, looking for the best set of tools that support and drive the defined strategy.

Whether through the selection of market software, whether with the inclusion of start-ups or with custom development, PTC Group believes that digital platforms are the most appropriate way to deliver value to the customer.

The demand here is the creation of digital twins namely for product, process, and use. In this way, we create the cyber physical system that will become the data-driven decision-making platform.


To develop processes and products, PTC Group relies on innovation as a tool. At this stage, it brings to its clients both the concept of focused closed innovation and that of open innovation where it uses an ecosystem of start-ups and European and South American Research Centres. This combination of concepts makes it possible to interconnect academic knowledge with a practical vision and know-how acquired over time.

PTC Group acts as a bridge between those who have many unanswered questions – the basic research – with industries that have many unanswered questions. In this way, they work as facilitators and translators of knowledge management with a clear focus on generating results.

Definition of the I4.0 Strategy

Finally – the most important work – the joint definition of the Industry 4.0 strategy is presented. Now, we have an advantage never seen in the history of the industry: we are experiencing a revolution and we know it as it is happening.

In this way, companies have a unique opportunity to take the initiative and reap immense results. To this end, PTC Group supports companies to understand the real value they deliver and those who compete for the same mission – the market today can be completely changed by someone who is not even in the same environment as their business – and how to leverage this value through strategies that can be validated digitally.

This definition helps companies not only make the digital and industrial transition but enables them to grow and adapt to an era of great changes and uncertainties. This makes it possible to transform organizations into environments of continuous learning and constant adaptation, preserving what is important.

How We Do

PTC Group always starts from co-creation, respecting all the knowledge of your company. After all, no one understands your product better than the person who manufactures it. In this sense, in a spirit of collaboration, PTC Group brings processes that improve, optimize, and revolutionize the way things are done.

This mix of your company’s deep product knowledge with PTC Group’s process know-how generates the best results, always allowing not only to maintain a deep respect for your history and knowledge, but also to solidify the idea of continuous value addition.

To solve problems, PTC Group uses methodologies that range from what we learned in design to what we saw best in the world of start-ups, combining techniques that allow us to understand the most complex environments. It is at this point that we find the solutions not yet thought of.

PTC Group ranges from Design Thinking to Agile Frameworks, passing through Lean Startup, with the aim of adding value to all its contacts. He seeks, therefore, for his company to start working only on added value. A point that is very relevant is the systemic view, even when the PTC Group with specific issues, always seeks a vision of the whole to generate a positive impact on the entire environment, with a vision that encompasses product, process and value chain.

PTC Group unites not only the client’s vision, but also conducts constant research on technological, industrial, and social trends, in order to anticipate changes and movements, thus delivering value beyond the common consultancy.

PTC Group always seeks to add value to each contact and be the drivers of transformations that will make companies reach the next stage of competitiveness that will guarantee their perpetuity and constant evolution.

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