At the forefront of engineering, PTC Group propels companies beyond the automotive industry, transcending business boundaries. With innovative solutions, we dive into the future and achieve the impossible.

The automotive industry has never seen more opportunities than now. Challenges turn into possibilities with connected vehicles, intelligent automation and revolutionary business models. The digital age has also brought us the responsibility to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. And it is in this context that PTC Group offers a unique combination of technical and strategic consulting that charts the path to the mobility of the future.

Unleash the power of innovation, optimise efficiency and surprise customers with unparalleled experiences. Join PTC Group and achieve success in a new era of possibilities. Tomorrow is today!

Integrated Knowledge
in All Phases of the Project

From concept to launch, we are the driving force that turns projects into reality, with integrated expertise at every stage.

Com uma equipa de Experts em consultoria estratégica e técnica, engenharia, fabricação e desenvolvimento de software analítico, a PTC Group proporciona a cada um dos seus clientes o nível individual de suporte que procuram, proporcionando transparência, economia de tempo e eficiência de custos. Estamos prontos para transformar o seu futuro!

R&D Product

  • CAD Design – 2D/3D
  • Creative Design
  • Surface Smoothing
  • Conceptual Design
  • Isostatism – RPS & GD&T
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Packaging
  • New Product Specifications
  • Project management
  • Embedded Electronics
  • Virtual Simulation & Validation


  • Rheological Studies
  • Structural Analysis
  • Virtual Crash Test
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Fatigue
  • Impact
  • Dynamics
  • Strength of materials


  • Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0
  • Quality Engineering
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Expertise in Molds and Tools
  • Prototypes
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cost Engineering
  • Geometry Engineering

Turnkey Solutions

We respond to the needs of businesses looking for an end-to-end solution through our turnkey approach. Our team works side by side with you ensuring solutions are implemented and optimised quickly, reducing your costs in the process.
Time is precious and we know it! With our agile methodology, we accelerate learning cycles, shortening the path between the initial idea and the launch of a customised solution for your customers.
At PTC Group, excellence is our goal. Count on us to take your results to the next level. Be a pioneer in the market, cut costs and achieve success with our integrated solutions. We are ready to take your business to the next level!