Harness the power of technology to remove barriers and make your business accessible anywhere in the world. Our team, strategically distributed around the world, is ready to help you achieve all your goals.

We customise our partnership and integrated solutions to your specific needs. What are you looking for? Quality of work delivered? Data security? Deadlines and target fulfilment? Personalised monitoring of your projects? The best price? The most qualified people? Or a mix of everything? Talk to us!

By choosing us as a partner, you can count on a number of advantages: cost reduction, access to experts, focus on core business, flexibility, speed of execution, knowledge of the market and trends, increased efficiency and risk reduction. All this, plus the possibility to use different time zones in your favour.

Don’t wait any longer to take a technological leap in your business. Join us and conquer new horizons!


We have a dedicated team ready to be the perfect extension of your in-house team, working in sync with your knowledge and skills. Together, we will achieve your organisational goals and deliver exceptional results.


  • Fluid and efficient communication with our experts;
  • No cultural or language barriers;
  • Easy project control


Our team of experts is strategically distributed in several countries, working in our facilities to deliver outstanding engineering and IT solutions. With expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructure and vast experience, we are ready to exceed your expectations.

In this model, local teams are easily accessible, speak the same language, live in the same time zone, have virtually the same mindset.


  • A much more significant cost reduction;
  • High quality professionals;
  • Discover new talents across borders;
  • Time zone and customer proximity;
  • Minimal cultural and linguistic differences.

Your Shore

In an ever-evolving world, we understand the need for adaptable solutions. That’s why we design a personalised approach for each stage of your project. Our team of Experts is at your service, ready to help in any way possible. We believe that together we can achieve greatness. Your rules are our rules!


  • Cost reduction at its core;
  • Exploit the best resources;
  • Development of large and complex projects;
  • Europe + South America time zones.

Não fique de fora da rápida adaptação ao futuro! Chegou a hora de procurar soluções inovadoras e a PTC Group é o parceiro ideal para o ajudar nessa procura.
Não perca a oportunidade de liderar a corrida da modernização e manter-se à frente da concorrência. Com a nossa experiência, estará preparado para enfrentar os desafios do mercado e alcançar vantagem competitiva.

A nossa abordagem atenta permite que corra riscos pequenos e controlados, abrindo as portas para a inovação e para a oportunidade de fazer as coisas de maneira mais eficiente. Não espere mais, entre em contacto connosco e descubra como a PTC Group pode ser o seu parceiro no caminho para o sucesso!