The age of hyperconnectivity has begun. Internet, 5G, cloud solutions, IoT, Data Science. Technology is largely responsible for softening barriers, making all places accessible. Therefore, you can count on the help of our team that is spread around the world to achieve the goals for your business.

We adjust our partnership and our integrated solutions according to your needs and objectives. What are you looking for? The best experts? The best price? The slightest annoyance? More security? Or a mixture of everything?

Cost savings, time savings, execution speed, convenience and collaboration, efficient communication, quality and expertise and different time zones are some of the advantages you can get by choosing us as a partner.


We have a dedicated team ready to work as an extension of your in-house team, leveraging their knowledge and skills to ensure results and help achieve your organizational goals.


  • Easier communication with the provider
  • No cultural or language barriers
  • Easy project control


We have our team of Experts spread across the most diverse countries, developing their projects in our facilities. We have the competence, infrastructure, and experience to provide cutting-edge Engineering and IT solutions.

In this model, local teams are easily accessible, speak the same language, live in the same time zone, have virtually the same mindset.


  • A much more significant cost reduction;
  • High quality professionals;
  • Ability to find new talent outside the country;
  • Time zone / Customer proximity;
  • Cultural and language differences are minimal.

Your Shore

Solutions do not always keep pace with the market. With you, we design a solution that adapts to all stages of your project. We put our team of Experts at your service in any way possible. We believe that together we can achieve more. Your rules are our rules!


  • Major cost reduction
  • An opportunity to search for the best resources for the project
  • Large and complex project developments
  • Europe time + South America time

The path passes through rapid adaptation. It’s time to look for solutions and PTC Group is the ideal partner to help you in that search.
It is important not to miss the modernization race, so as not to lose competitive advantage.

We are here to help you take small, controlled risks that will lead to innovation and the opportunity to do things differently, more efficiently.