PTC Group organises teambuilding event

On 21 July, PTC Group promoted an exciting internal social event with the aim of strengthening ties between company members and creating a more relaxed and united work environment.

The chosen venue was the Molinológico Theme Park of Oliveira de Azeméis, a natural and revitalising setting that gave a special touch to the occasion. Employees had the opportunity to interact outside the work environment, strengthening personal ties and strengthening the union between all.

The day’s programme was specially designed to encourage collaboration and communication among participants. From exciting team challenges to relaxing riverside activities, every moment was carefully planned to ensure everyone had fun and created memorable memories.

For PTC Group CEO Tiago Monteiro, this get-together was more than just a recreational activity. It was an opportunity to strengthen team spirit and reinforce the importance of a united and relaxed working environment.

PTC Group has once again demonstrated its commitment to the well-being and happiness of its team, showing that it genuinely cares about its employees. Ultimately, a positive and stimulating work environment is the foundation for any company’s success.