PTC Group celebrates 16 years!

On the 28th of October, PTC Group celebrated its 16th anniversary and did not want to let that date be forgotten. For this reason, it decided to make October the month of PTC Group’s 16th anniversary.

With the motto “16 years changing the world together”, the PTC Group showed the world the strength of the company in the market and the dynamism and liveliness that exists within this group , the result of perseverance and the will of the person responsible for all these years at the company: CEO Tiago Monteiro.

Message from CEO

“This October we celebrate another very successful year and, between moments of great achievements and complicated and challenging moments, with members of the team who left and others who embraced this project, I can only thank you for everything we built together!

This dream of mine, started in 2006, after many ups and downs, only makes sense when added to the achievements of each of our Super Experts, which make this a Super Team, a Super Family!

Because, in the end, together we are stronger, together we change the world! Happy birthday and much prosperity to our PTC Group. May we continue to grow and conquer all the challenges that still await us!”

(Tiago Monteiro)