Industry 4.0: PTC Group promotes an event for the future of the industry

On May 17th, PTC Group organized an inspiring and informative event titled “Industry 4.0: The Time is Now.” The event took place at Aveiro Business Center and brought together professionals, experts, and industry enthusiasts for a morning filled with diverse perspectives and practical demonstrations.

With Industry 4.0 as its central theme, PTC Group’s event aimed to highlight the ongoing digital transformation in industries and explore the opportunities and challenges that arise in this context. Throughout the event, speakers shared their knowledge and experiences regarding the adoption of Industry 4.0 across various sectors. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest technological trends and innovations while exploring successful case studies and best practices from leading companies.

“Industry 4.0: The Time is Now” received positive feedback from attendees who praised the quality of the presentations and the relevance of the topics covered. The event served as a valuable forum for knowledge exchange, networking, and identification of collaboration opportunities.

With its extensive experience in technological solutions for the industry, PTC Group reaffirmed its commitment to assist the Portuguese business community in driving digital transformation and adopting Industry 4.0. Through events like this, the company aims to support professionals and organizations in tackling challenges and seizing the opportunities presented by the ongoing industrial revolution.

The company already has plans for future events and initiatives to continue promoting dialogue and knowledge dissemination about Industry 4.0 and its implications in various areas. With the rapid pace of technological innovations, PTC Group strives to stay at the forefront of digital transformation and assist companies in preparing for an increasingly connected and intelligent future.

The event had participants from 38 companies from 9 different districts and had the presence of 5 speakers.