Life Sciences & Biotech

Fuel consumption and pumping, thermal exchanges with the environment, chemical reactions, and a complex sensory system with internal signalling and information storage and retrieval systems. This could be the description of the functioning of the system of any vehicle. However, it is the description of any living organism, which is nothing more and nothing less than an engineering system.

As engineering experts, PTC Group combines its technology expertise to address operational efficiency challenges in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We can help you increase your potential and overcome challenges with our integrated solutions for digitizing R&D and production processes, implementing technologies, augmented reality, Machine Learning, IoT, among others, which become crucial to make this necessary technological leap.

Together, we face the challenges, with the aim of reducing waste and positioning ourselves ahead of the competition, so that your business and the patients who depend on it have a promising future.

  • Engineering and Performance
  • Quality and Compliance
  • Design and Validation of Medical Devices