Life Sciences & Biotech

PTC Group, an engineering specialist, is positioned as a strategic partner to boost operational efficiency in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our solid knowledge and vast experience enable us to maximise clients’ potential, overcoming challenges through innovative solutions.

By integrating digitalisation into R&D processes, we offer an effective approach to overcoming challenges in product development, from conception to commercialisation. With the implementation of advanced technologies such as augmented reality, Machine Learning and IoT, we are leading the technological leap forward needed in the Life Sciences & Biotech industry.

Working together with clients, we tackle challenges related to costs and operational efficiency. We focus on reducing waste, optimising production and marketing costs to position our partners ahead of the competition.

In the field of specialised human resources, PTC Group offers comprehensive solutions to attract, retain and train highly qualified professionals in the field. We reinforce our clients’ teams, strengthening their capacity for innovation and excellence.

  • Process analysis and optimisation
  • Risk assessment
  • Product development and research
  • Development of training programmes
  • Operational efficiency and cost optimisation
  • Engineering and Performance
  • Strategies to optimise production and marketing costs
  • Implementation of Advanced Technologies
  • Optimisation of R&D processes for efficiency and innovation
  • Specialised Human Resources