PTC Group has a highly qualified team dedicated to meeting the needs of clients in the energy sector. Whether in renewable energy, fossil fuels or thermal energy, we are by your side at every stage of the life cycle of your investments. Our safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions are designed to boost productivity and competitiveness.

Together, we can create and launch products and services, as well as develop intelligent operations, paving the way for the future you want. At PTC Group, our passion is to provide energy solutions that are both innovative and sustainable. We enhance existing systems and introduce balanced improvements, including energy-efficient technologies and product life extension.

Our projects go beyond the conventional, embracing alternative technologies and innovative concepts that push the boundaries of the industry. Our dedication is to create customised solutions that maximise efficiency and performance, while complying with sector-specific regulations and requirements.

The energy future looks promising and we are ready to walk this path alongside you.

  • Process automation
  • Mechanical product design and engineering
  • Energy efficiency consultancy
  • R&D engineering
  • Product testing and validation
  • Energy strategy
  • Training and updating skills