10 myths you need to know about the recruitment process

Due to its globality and evolution, the area of recruitment and selection generates many myths that are taken as truth by many people. Here are some that candidates should keep in mind.
Truths that need to be told about engineering

Truths that need to be told about engineering

Engineering is often seen as an area of study only for math geniuses, but this is far from the truth. Engineering is the science that unites creativity and logic to create solutions for an increasingly technological world.

How training can help improve professional performance

Training has been recognized as one of the main factors for professional development. It allows workers to acquire new skills and knowledge, thus improving their skills to be more successful in their careers.
PME Excelência 2021 PTC Group

PTC Group is PME Excellence 2021

It is with an enormous sense of pride and gratitude that we announce that we are PME Excellence 2021!

PTC Group organizes internal event to talk about IRS

On the 25th of November, the PTC Group hosted the “PTC Tax Meeting” event, which aimed to share knowledge on a theme that is transversal to any citizen residing in Portuguese territory: IRS (Income Tax for Individuals).

PTC Group becomes a member of Mobinov – Cluster Automóvel Portugal

PTC Group became, since November 2022, a member of Mobinov – Cluster Automóvel Portugal, a platform that aggregates knowledge and competence within the automotive industry, to promote a growing appreciation of competitiveness and internationalization of the sector.

Tiago Monteiro highlighted in the tops of Portugal

In the month in which the PTC Group celebrated its 16th anniversary, CEO Tiago Monteiro was featured in the top leaders in Portugal. In addition to being in the top 30 in the Social CEO Award, which distinguished the most digital CEOs on all online platforms, it was also in the top 100 in the ... Read more

PTC Group celebrates 16 years!

On the 28th of October, PTC Group celebrated its 16th anniversary and did not want to let that date be forgotten. For this reason, it decided to make October the month of PTC Group’s 16th anniversary.